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Over the past 20 years, many people have heard the recording of a verifiable “modern-day” miracle. The recording is of a man whose voice returned to him while trying to read and comment on Psalm 103. The man is Duane Miller. The recording has been duplicated and circulated worldwide. Newscasts have featured it, Oprah Winfrey played and discussed it on her program, Focus on the Family still plays it on its program from time to time, it has been (and still is) a hot topic on many websites. Duane’s story is a story that inspires, encourages, and brings hope.

The devastating diagnosis was issued in 1990. A severe virus had infiltrated the nerves of Duane's vocal cords - a condition medical experts say to this day should have left him mute. But God had other plans. As chronicled in his book, Out of the Silence (Thomas Nelson Publishers, 1997), Duane's voice suddenly and astonishingly returned in January of 1993. Nelson Publishers, 1997), Duane's voice suddenly and astonishingly returned in January of 1993.  His testimony and moving story of endurance remains a powerful reminder of God's sovereignty.

Duane's passion and faith sustained him during times of despair and his personal touch from God propelled him to create NuVOICE Ministries. Almost immediately Duane began travelling across the country and to many conferences in other countries telling his story. The lives that have been changed are myriad. In the year 2000, Duane felt God’s direction to return to the pastorate and he served another 5 years in that capacity.  In 2005, Hurricane Katrina, brought his business skills back to the forefront helping non-profit organizations build infrastructure and access funding to rebuild and to do community ministry.  Church-consulting is still a key part of ministry. 

NuVOICE is a dynamic,multifaceted organization that is dedicated to facilitating the message of God's grace, mercy and hope. NuVOICE has a major commitment to the church through teaching, seminars, consulting, prayer, and its service-oriented work on the local church level.

Duane has held executive positions in the insurance, energy, financial services, broadcasting, and medical equipment industries. He is a co-founder of THE PROUD AMERICANS, a politically conservative membership organization.  It’s this "real world" experience that he believes helps him connect with people and makes his message practical and relevant.

The local church is a heart issue for Duane, and ministry to churches and church leaders is, therefore, a priority. He has shared his ministry with churches whose congregations number in the thousands and with churches whose congregations number in the tens. He has spoken at political rallies and in nursing homes.  “Effective ministry is not measured by how large the crowd may be for the speaker, but rather, how BIG the God is the speaker presents to people who are in need.” No congregation or group is too small to visit and no venue is too large to attend.


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